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Our Story

My style and sense of fashion goes back to when I was a little girl. Ever since I can remember, I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. To me, wearing clothes was never about being trendy or what was in style, but more about the way wearing your clothes made you feel. Being creative and realizing that I am my own person, was something that came natural to the same sense that I have always been free mentally.


Over the years, I have tried working in different careers and never have been able to obtain the freedom I felt when I was younger. In fact, there was nothing that comforted me more than the use of my own imagination and creativity. 

In life we are always told to do what makes sense to the next person, and to essentially forget what may bring you joy. That is how and why BURDSTON was created, to encourage each individual to rebel against being told that "it" cannot be done. 

Or that it is too late to follow where your heart leads you. No matter what your goal is, no matter who you want to be... it is never too late to fly towards your freedom. 

At BURDSTON our passion for fashion, freedom, and life are all synonymous. Wearing our logo is a reminder to take that step closer towards...your dream, your why, and mostly you. 

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